Mother is shocked when nobody shows up at her 6 year old’s birthday party, posts the reason on Facebook

Every Young Mom loves to see her son’s sixth birthday a resounding success. A birthday party at that age is extremely important in terms of emotional and sentimental value for both children and parents. But!! What happens when no one shows up? That could be an unfortunate and heart breaking situation.

That’s exactly what happened to this young mom from St Cloud FL. Ashlee Buratti as was her name felt dejected and angry when none of the 16 invitees showed upto at her six year old son Glen’s Birthday Party and the reason isn’t just shocking it’s disgusting too.

1 Heartbroken and angry at those who didn’t care

Imagine the plight of Ashlee when she had to explain to her son when no one shows up at his party. You see, Six year old Glen is an autistic child. Ashlee felt she had failed as a parent but was it really her fault. In this day and age, mankind still hasn’t let loose of bigotry and prejudice. It is when prejudice rears its ugly head against innocent kids like Joe that I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that it Humanity that has failed.

Little Glen was devastated and became even more isolated because of his Peers ostracization of him. Sounds a big word for little people but isn’t that what happened? A frustrated Ashlee then went on social media and vehemently ranted about those who let her little Glen down. But support came from unexpected quarters as you can see form this photo below.

firefighter talking to kid

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