Mother warns public about the dangers of Mcdonalds Happy Toy

McDonalds has never failed to please kids for generations. The iconic happy meal was symbolic of the McDonalds quality of service and its main selling point as a family brand. Even as it has its ups and downs in quality control, it reaffirmed its identity as a solid brand by addressing the problems plaguing it over the years.

Even as McDonalds was accused for poor quality of meat and ingredients it bounced back with proof of the high quality of its ingredients. Unfortunately the bug has bitten McDonalds again and this time with social media on the prowl, consumers aren’t so forgiving. This time McDonalds is under fire for their toys and instead of children finding joy in happy toys, they’re facing a happy toy burn instead.

1 McDonalds’ Happy Toys Has Always Thrilled Consumers Worldwide

McDonald’s happy toy with Disney and cartoon movie theme has always been much in demand. Who can forgot the Disney figures like Simba the lion king and snow white. Those were priceless collector’s items and featured high quality material.

McDonalds’ Happy Toys

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