This woman disappeared in 1850 but years later something unique happened!

6 Rediscovered by the white man

Olives life took a dramatic turn when in 1855, the Authorities had fort Yuma learned of her existence and threatened the Mohave to give her up. Fearing a reprisal the Mohave relented and it was with a heavy heart that the Aespaneo said goodbye to Olive.

For the first few years with her new found white brethren, olive seemed disoriented and couldn’t even speak much of English. She was also viewed as somewhat strange because of the permanent tattoos on her chin. However In time she gradually integrated into her own kind once again and married a rich ranch owner John .B. Fairchild in New York. By this time Olive had also received the god news that Lorenzo her brother was alive and the siblings were finally reunited in 1856 soon after she had arrived in Yuma.

Olive oatman Rediscovered

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7 One of the most intriguing stories in history

Olive Oatman died in 1905 of a heart attack but many believed she suffered sever psychological trauma due to the massacre of her family and her subsequent capture. Although this woman vanished without a trace in 1850 from white society, her trails, suffering and experiences will go down in American history as one of the most intriguing cases ever told. The ghost town of Oatman Arizona is named after her.

Olive Oatman died in 1905

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