If you ever see a purple butterfly in a hospital’s baby department, this is the heartbreaking reason behind it

There are many ways in which people cope with lose of a loved one. Some grieve for extensive period of time, while some decide to celebrate the lives of their lost loved ones. But there are only handfuls of people who manage to do something that will keep the memories of their loved ones alive. Next time you visit a hospital’s NICU or baby ward and see a purple butterfly on carriages of some babies, you will remember the heart breaking reason behind the sign, which involves someone losing a loved one.

1 People behind the purple butterfly sign

Resident of United Kingdom, Millie Smith was elated to know that she was pregnant with a set of twins. The mother finally gave birth to two daughters Callie and Skye at the Kingston hospital. But the moment was bittersweet for the Millie and her partner Lewis Cann, as one of the baby had developed a life threatening illness in the womb known as anecephaly, a brain disorder in which the baby was missing skull bones, and brain parts like cerebrum and cerebellum, which never developed during the preganancy. The doctors had advised them abort the baby as it was not supposed to survive a day outside the womb. But Millie saw that the baby fighting for survival and decided to give birth. But unfortunately, the baby passed away just three hours after birth. When she was visiting NICU to spend time with the baby that was dying, someone made a comment that the other baby was fortunate not to have twins and that triggered something in Millie. That was when she came up with the purple butterfly campaign.

purple butterfly sign

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