9 Questions That Are Highly Inappropriate and Dangerous To Ask Siri

Specialists at UNESCO are growing worried day by day that people are now talking to SIRI more than they do to others such as friends and family. This isn’t an unfounded worry as this was revealed by data collected by them. Communication with people is one thing because people may forget or won’t take you literally for the things you say, however with modern voice assistant; it is a different game altogether. Data analysts have now figured out the complications involved with voice assistants where data and information that you provide is recorded and stored in order to give you a better experience however the same data can be also used against you because after all SIRI is AI and it has your details nice and truly stored. Read on about what you should never tell Siri.

1Siri doesn’t understand your jokes. It can use personal data against you

You shouldn’t ask Siri or Google voice such questions like “where should I bury the Body” or “how do I rob a bank” even if it is a joke or out of curiosity. After the events of 2011 when a killer thought of asking Siri how to cover up traces of his crime and was provided several helpful options from Artificial Intelligence, he was ultimately caught because the data was still stored on the Apple server.

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Personal queries should be done in incognito mode

You need to be careful that whatever you say, Siri will use against you. The system also isn’t acquainted with black humor. Information like your health condition, bank savings, family issues all should not be disclosed and be kept a secret even from your voice assistant. You should do personal queries in incognito mode.

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2Don’t ask Siri to call an ambulance

The problem with your voice assistant like Siri is that it does not recognize your intonation and will take some commands and requests very literally. If you ask Siri for example “call me an ambulance” it will ultimately start calling you “ambulance” instead if your name once the request is processed.

When it concerns emergency services, you need to give the Voice assistant a phone number so precious time is not lost. In this way, you dictate the request specifically asking the AI to perform a certain action that will get the same result even if it is interpreted literally.

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3An ordinary hyphen can cause the phone to go out of order for a couple of minutes

When checking the voice assistant, Kapersky lab found something very funny. It was a bug that created this problem. If someone said “hyphen” five times through the voice input, then the iPhone will shut down and all of its apps would enter the emergency mode. An internet rumor surfaced in regards to the same trick saying that all data would be wiped out form the phone. It was proven false.

Image Source: www.kaspersky.com

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