9 Questions That Are Highly Inappropriate and Dangerous To Ask Siri

8The voice assistant ignores questions related to female inequality for one simple reason

Siri does not have the intelligence or capacity to determine that feminism and female movements like #MeToo are good or bad. Thus you cannot ask it so. Siri developers have written the program’s algorithms especially to make the AI give a neutral answer. If asked about such things Siri may answer ““I believe in universal equality.” Apple regards gender-related problems and such social issues and judgements to be conflicting content and in order to insult any organization or individuals’, it will simply suggest you use a search engine.

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9Siri records all your conversations and sends them to a special database

Till 2019 summer, Apple contractors were able to listen to recordings made with the voice assistant Siri. Apple also have recorded and transferred personal files related to people’s conversations to third parties. The company says that the analysis of recordings helped it improve the user experience and to improve Siri. But, no one even asked the users permission for doing so.

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Apple hides personal details and does not reveal it

This year there will be a system update and Apple will now be asking its users permissions to record data and conversations. There is no need to get paranoid about this fact because it is not likely that the company will use the information against you. Unlike Amazon or Google who provide information about you and whatever they have recorded about you, Apple, on the other hand, hides these details. If you want to keep your privacy, just turn off Siri and all gelocations functions. However, in such a scenario, Apple doesn’t guarantee its apps will function well.

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Meet the woman behind the voice of Siri

The voice of Siri is none other than Susan Bennet who is an actress and singer and who voiced the very first Siri. Susan has been recording since 2011 02013 and recorded thousands of phrases heard by millions of people around the world.

Bennet has also given her voice for ATM’s GPS trackers, and various app computerized systems that require a voice.

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