Refugees are made to stay in prison in Netherlands and nobody’s complaining

As an administrator what do you do when your country is crime free and your prisons are empty?? Simple you open them up for public use! Netherlands is one such country which has such a low crime problem that empty prisons are being recycled in the most unique manner ever. They are being used as housing and accommodation to manage the huge amount of migrants and asylum seekers.

It’s not only a novel initiative but an extremely practical step to provide a sense of community living to refugees. Prison homes for refugees in Netherlands are huge infrastructures totally hygienic in nature and containing all basic amenities. Neither the government nor the refugees are complaining. Problem solved!

1 A Huge Bustling Problem Solved

At first the information of penitentiaries being used as accommodation was thought to be a rumor until Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Muhammad Muheisen who spent almost two years documenting the European refugee crisis in photographs gained permission to enter a prison and see it for himself. It took him six months to gain permission from several authorities and the truth wasn’t as shocking as it might have seemed because here was a huge bustling problem solved through the most practical and humane means.

photographer Muhammad Muheisen

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