Saturn will not come close to Earth on June 1st but will be visible from another date!

Will Saturn be close to earth on June 1st? The truth is that this is a huge astronomical HOAX. And as hoaxes go, the biggest body of credibility as usual is the innocent NASA. NASA stated this! And NASA said that! NASA did not state anything and just like there are numerous fabricated news stories circulating the net, there are also many sites revealing the fake, thanks to them. Our readers definitely won’t be duped because Saturn won’t be seen rings and all from earth but!!! It will be seen twinkling in the night sky when it will actually be closest to earth from June 3rd. So don’t miss it. According to astronomy, this is an event that occurs every year and will be visible in the night sky for a couple of months.

1 Saturn Will Be Closest To Earth on June 3rd

If you missed Mercury taking a walk across the sun, then gets ready to witness another phenomenon when from June 3rd you will get to see Saturn twinkling in the night sky again! Saturn is going to be in opposition from June 3rd; that means Saturn will be opposite the sun and could be seen from earth. Saturn will be there twinkling on June 3rd shining with a steady golden color. If you want to see its rings called Cassini’s division, you will need a telescope. But just watching the planet coming its closest to the earth and knowing you’re watching Saturn is enough to give you an awesome feeling.

Saturn Will Be Closest To Earth

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