Scientists now reveal what actually wiped out Dinosaurs from the Earth

Theories related to the extinction of dinosaurs and prehistoric species have been abundant, ever since science indulged in the study of prehistoric earth. Some felt that a great firestorm initiated by volcano blasts was the reason for wiping out dinosaurs; others felt it was a great flood. However, those scientists who have stuck to the concept of a celestial event such as a meteorite strike on earth can now be vindicated as a new study has just discovered and proved that an asteroid wiped out dinosaurs from the face of the Earth. It was indeed a huge asteroid impact on Earth that led to the extinction of prehistoric animals and converted earth into a virtual hell hole.

This was no ordinary asteroid. It was a gigantic one with the power of a billion atom bombs, travelling at the speed of a bullet that had disastrous effects, causing tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and widespread forest fires.

1 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life Was Wiped Out In A Few Days

Dinosaurs existed on earth for 160 million years. Yet, it took a matter of a few days for the giant asteroid to wipe them out. According to the data received from the study, it was as big as the isle of weight, slamming earth in a location which is now the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Travelling at a phenomenal speed of twenty times more than a speeding bullet, the asteroid struck with a devastating and destructive force, equal to a billion Hiroshima type atomic bombs.

The mammoth destruction occurred 65 million years ago and converted earth into a barren wasteland. The disaster created a nuclear winter of sorts where there was no life or vegetation. Every possible prehistoric species such as dinosaurs, pterodactyls, marine life, mastodons and mammoths, even prehistoric plankton was obliterated. A few mammals were lucky enough to survive the disaster which led to the renewed evolution on earth.

Dinosaurs existed on earth

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