See what the spaces between your fingers tell about your personality

There are several ways to know about an individual’s personality, one of which is through the body’s different physical attributes. Among all body parts, our hands seem to hold the most information about our personality such as the way we act, behave, and make choices. For instance, the lines on our hands are used to determine our individual personalities, character traits, and destiny in life.

Another way to find out an individual’s personality is by looking at the gaps between the fingers. You can do this yourself by following the instructions given below or watching the video at the end.

1 How would you know your personality based on this?

In order to know about your personality through the gaps between the fingers, all you need to do is to relax your hand and check the spacing between your fingers and compare it with choices A, B, and C to know which finger space matches with yours the best.

How would you know your personality based on this?

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