Do you know why there are these small holes in airplane windows?

We all have travelled in airplanes once in our lives. It is an experience that is unique in itself and just amazes people that in last 200 years or so, humans have made the dream of flying become successful. The air planes however take a lot of thinking and planning to be made perfectly so that not only do they fly, but also keep us alive even at the heights of over 30,000 feet above sea level, where the atmospheric pressure is so low and intense, that we can pass out immediately. And they do this all by making tiny holes in the airplane windows. Do you want to know how? Read forward.

1 The tiny holes on the windows of airplanes

We all love to travel in airplanes and most of times it is exhilarating to just see yourself sore over the clouds and fly in the air like birds. It kind of gives you the perspective of god. You see people and skylines of buildings down on the Earth from the best seat in the house and even get amazed at how everything in the plane works. You might also be curious about how do you survive in the air almost 30,000 feet above the ground. By the way, you might also be surprised to know that the airplane cabins are pressurized to keep us conscious above sea level at 36,000 feet, because the low oxygen may cause us to pass out. If you have ever travelled in airplane on a window seat, you might have not only got a great view of the world outside it and also might have noticed that there are small holes in the windows. Don’t be afraid, the next slide will tell you why there holes in the windows are important.

tiny holes on the windows of airplanes

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