Do you know why there are these small holes in airplane windows?

2 The reason behind these holes of the planes

You see that the pressure in cabin is maintained so that we do not pass out at high altitudes and in order to achieve this maintenance of air pressure, these tiny holes are made in the windows. These are called bleed holes and are wedged in between two sheets of acrylic panes. This means that the airplane window is actually made up of three panes. The first pane is scratch pane which you touch, the middle pane has the bleed hole and the outer pane keeps us safe from the pressure difference on the outside. These outer two panes can withstand the pressure put on the airplanes by atmosphere. The bleed hole in the middle pane keeps the outer pane safe and sound and allows it to bear the intense pressure from outside. Therefore these tiny holes play a huge role in keeping the balance of air pressure good enough for us to not pass out.

holes of the planes

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