Some facts about candies which will make you think more about them! Then you can go on munching too..

Candies beguile us even as we grow up into adults and they incite kids to go grab them for a lick. The candylicious taste and the lovely flavours that come in the form of candies, make it a treat for the eyes and the tongue. However, there are few facts about candies that we bet you never knew all your life. Enjoy as you read them.

1 What’s The Sale Part Of The Story?

In the USA alone, people are said to buy around 600 million pounds of candy annually. Facts about candies that surprise us the most are those related to huge sale. The highest sales are seen during Halloween. One of the greatest facts about candies is that, about 90 million pounds of chocolate flavoured candy is sold during the week of Halloween. This means that the sales are higher than what is seen for any other holiday. The week before Easter and Easter Day sees close to 65 million candies being sold in the USA. For the week of Valentine’s Day, USA sees sales of close to 48 million pounds of candies annually.

What’s The Sale Part Of The Story?

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