10 Strange facts about the Moon which you never knew

As earths only natural satellite, the Mon is indeed a celestial object worthy of significance in the study of the solar system. The Moon has been a subject of constant research throughout the ages where modern man has uncovered most of its incredible facts after having paid it a visit.

No one can forget the feat of Neil Armstrong and his two colleagues who first set foot on the moon as part of the historic Apollo 11 mission on July 16th 1969. It is the second thickest satellite to our knowledge behind the planet Jupiter. Technology is slowly uncovering even more facts about this celestial body of ours which shines majestically every night. From astronomers to astrologers, the moon is both a mystery and science. Here are 10 strange facts about the moon.

1 A moonquake lasts longer than an earthquake

Earth isn’t the only planetary body being rocked by earthquakes. Moonquakes are caused by four factors such as meteorite impacts or quakes originating 700 km beneath the moon’s surface. Thermal quakes also exist when the moons crust has cooled considerably after being engulfed in a cold lunar nights for weeks and is suddenly hit by the rays of the sun. Moon quakes last almost 10 minutes in comparison to earthquakes that last for a maximum of 1.5 minutes.

moonquake lasts longer than an earthquake

Image Source: www.cosmosup.com

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