15 Sure Body Signs That He is Completely Into You

6Deep breaths

If you find him breathing heavily each time he sees you, it is a sign of attempting to take in more oxygen and inflate his chest to make it look bigger and waist smaller. This is a subconscious attempt of the make to appear more attractive to the female who he is already into a lot.

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7Eye contact

When you have a lot of people around you but notice him always staring at you each time you glance at him, that is one of the stringiest signs he is into you. There are bolder guys in fact who don’t hesitate to make eye contact frequently or the more modest ones may be giving you secret looks and watch you only when you pass by just to get a whiff of your scent. The next time you hear something funny in a group watch who he keeps looking at secretly, if it’s you then be happy, it’s you he is interested in a lot.

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8Touching his necktie

A man touching his necktie is sure sign of nervousness especially when you are around. There are many people who tug at something or a piece of clothing when they are nervous but guys like him will do it less obviously.

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9Genuine smiles

Men tend to have more restrained smiles when they grow up but spending time with a person they like makes their smiles more genuine. Apart from showing their front teeth, signs such as squinty eyes and wrinkles on the forehead can mean you’re affecting him in a good way.

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10His voice changes

When a man is secretly into you, his voice will change when he is around you. It may become more mellow, softer and nicer. This is especially when he speaks to you where he may at first speaking a low subdued tone whenever he is in communication with you. This is because he feels comfortable and relaxed in your presence.

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