15 Sure Body Signs That He is Completely Into You

11Walking next to you

When a man walks 2 steps ahead of you, this is a clear indication that he is more interested in his own personality instead of yours. But, by walking next to you he shows that he is interested in your personality as well as establishing communication with you. The only time that can be regarded as an exception when he walks ahead of you is if you both are walking in a dangerous place.

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12Treating your belongings respectfully

A man who is into you will respect you as well as your belongings. He treats your possessions with respect, in the same manner, he treats his own. If he treats you like a princess but doesn’t respect your possessions, it means he has no real feelings for you which is just superficial.

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13Accidental touches

When a man constantly gives you touches or if he cannot stop touching you even by accident, that means he desires to be close to you. When we dislike certain people we avoid them, thus this is an opposite display of the same principle that makes us want to be with someone.

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14No phone

This isn’t the end of such behaviour but if a man sets his phone aside when he is with you, then it definitely means he is into you. As long as you are next to him, he can wait for as long as he likes because he is interested too.

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15Parting the lips

As his partner you know for sure how his expression changes when he sees you but if you doubt this, then check his lips. He might be parting them just right in front of you or he might be doing it just right when he sees you. To part his mouth perfectly all his facial expressions should be studied too.

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