Surveillance cameras in Disneyland catch something spooky that will creep you out

Ghosts haunting Disney land?? No this isn’t some Scooby Doo style attraction but the result of video surveillance by a security man who shot the footage in 2009. Since then it has been viewed almost 8 million times on YouTube and is really Spooky.

The Disneyland Ghosts are fascinating viewers and some even believe that it is the ghost of Walt Disney who could be haunting his own amusement park.

1 Who is the ghost wandering around Disneyland

In the video you can hear the man’s commentary saying “I’ve heard people talk about ghosts around Disneyland late at night. Am I crazy or does it looks like there is a ghost walking around the park?”

Is this going to be a new attraction with real Disneyland ghosts wandering around America’s most famous amusement park? The man explains how you should pay extra attention to the pathways when it’s dark and devoid of people.

ghost wandering around Disneyland

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