Take note of these top tips that help you care for your winter clothes

Winters are here in full swing. The warm choco-fudge in that chipped fave mug of yours, the hours spent on the balcony overlooking the lake or park in your apartment and the slight chill in the air—everything about winter is fun. In fact, it also lets you dress well, be sassier and get gorgeous without much pain. However, one thing that winter brings in its folds is the tough work that comes with maintaining the winter woollens. Your fave winter clothes are high maintenance and need proper cleaning, stuffing and storing. With these magic tips here, never feel daunted by so much at hand. Here are the best tips to take care of your favourite winter clothes.

1 Care For Cashmere Winter Clothes

For all those costly cashmere winter clothes—from the shawls to the long sweaters, you must take care to hand wash these gently. Never machine wash these delicate winter clothes since there could be chances that the machine mechanism could simply ruin the delicate wool. In case, the cashmere winter clothes have become too dirty, then soak them in cold water and baby shampoo solution. It is best that you avoid going in for harsh detergents lest the acidic nature of the powder eats up the colour. Cashmere winter clothes are not just comfortable but equallydelicate. Therefore, make sure you never wash these in a hurry.

Care For Cashmere Winter Clothes

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