The space diagram to teach your kids how to protect their own personal space

Every Individual needs personal space. That goes for children too. The concept of personal space is a close knit topic that we ourselves are confused with at times. To what limits should we allow others to encroach within this confined space of ours. How much should a child should be allowed his or her personal space without fear of making her egotistic or introverted with false notions of personal space?

One particular mother shared the concept of personal space diagram for kids as explained to her child at school. Together with her own inputs she chalked out a brilliant idea of how children can preserve personal space.

1 The concepts of the personal space diagram

In the explanation of personal space, children are presented with the diagram you see below. The diagram is accompanied with an explanation for parents. As a project, kids are expected to color the parts of the diagram as teachers attempt to explain various life situations and experiences they may encounter in their interaction with people and everyday life.

The illustrated manual was targeted at five to ten year olds and was titled “circles of relationships’. The exercise sought to enlighten children and protect them from possible se*ual harassment and psychological abuse with the ability to understand what is going on.

The concepts of the personal space diagram

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