Huge debate wages over #Teacher Bae Outfits criticized as inappropriate for school

One of the main follies of human weakness is being judgmental. One should never read a book by its cover but what’s inside. Take the classic case of fourth grade teacher Paris Monroe.

Although she has never dressed inappropriately for school, still by virtue of her build, it somehow appears like that to some people. This teacher’s outfits criticized by many has sparked of a huge debate both at school and on social media.

1 This is what she wears to school

Take a look. She wears a collared dress and its right down to her knees. Yet for some there’s a heavy dose of critical se*ism of Paris Monroe. Her instagram photos have caught the attention of the finger wagging tongue wagging viewers whose comments are far from social.

She wears a cardigan with jeans. It’s not even a body hugging outfit yet for many it’s a huge problem. Although her fashionable dressing sense is entirely conservative, yet for some it is an attention seeking device and though those in her defense feel that this is an indecent attack of body shaming. Critics are unrelenting in their finger pointing.

teacher wearing collared dress

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