The sketch of us footballer Tom Brady goes viral

Whether you are a football enthusiast or not, it’s not hard to deny that US footballer, Tom Brady is one handsome guy. But , his recent courtroom sketch, made him look really different and not so dashing, and all this created a lot of buzz online. Even the artist Jane Rosenberg, who made that sketch would have never imagined that her sketch would end up creating such buzz on social networking sites.

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1 The courtroom sketch

Tom Brady, the 38-years-old US footballer and his crew met NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in the New York district court for their first hearing regarding the “Deflate-Gate” suspension”. Both sides came in the courtroom of Judge Richard Berman for the first hearing. The usage of cameras was strictly prohibited in the court for this hearing, so courtroom artist Jane Rosenberg documented the whole event in a sketch with an interesting rendition of Tom.
When the WCVB sports director Scott Isaacs tweeted this portrait, it created a lot of buzz online because of the unflattering portrait of the footballer. He was not only looking terrifying but also barely recognizable in the portrait. The portrait of the player became the matter of fun on the internet. From turning Tom into a Zombie, to the alien in ET, to Disney’s Quasimodo, the twitter users had immense fun in using that image and creating some weird pictures.

The courtroom sketch

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