Thermal Scans of the Great Pyramids of Giza Reveal Impressive Anomaly

A recent revelation in the historic Pyramids of Egypt has stunned archaeologists and scientists worldwide. Experts scanning the ancient Pyramids of Giza in Egypt with the help of thermal scans have discovered a surprisingly impressive anomaly. The anomaly is primarily a temperature change that is a promising signal to something behind the historic walls. The thermal cameras have found out that higher than normally expected temperatures exist in the three adjoining stones at the base of the Great Pyramid.

1 The Findings

The world famous Pyramids of Egypt are found at Giza situated in Cairo. These pyramids are regarded as the largest structures ever built in the world, with the splendid Pyramid of Khufu which is the largest Pyramid in Egypt and the only existing Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Scientists have discovered thermal anomalies in many of the Giza pyramids along with the Pyramid of Khufu where some of the blocks of limestone were found to be much hotter than the rest. Many hypotheses and possibilities have been placed to explain the existence of such anomalies.

Officials have said that that these “impressive” anomalies can be the result of the stones being of a different type and nature or because of internal air currents or there can also be high chances of the existence of a secret chamber behind the primeval walls of the pyramid. Mehdi Tayoubi, the founder of Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute based in Paris is conducting the experiment of Scan Pyramids using a blend of muon radiography, infrared thermography and 3D reconstruction.

The Findings

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