These 10 women are bizarre, strange and weird. But! all of them are very real

If you thought you knew the meaning of the word bizarre, well think again. There are people out there in this world of teeming billions who redefine the word with looks strange enough to be on a weird gallery. Some have been the result of tragic cosmetology and some have intentionally modified their bodies without realizing the implications of their actions, Take a look at this list of 10 bizarre women who actually do exist with such abnormalities.

1 A slim thin waist!!! Is it really worth it?

Women for centuries have been fixated with the concept of a thin waist, hence the invention of the corset. The accessory used widely in earlier centuries can be used to extremes just like this bizarre woman who thought a super slim waist is the answer to beauty. 27 year old Kelly lee Deekay – a model living in New York – became obsessed with narrowing her waist with a corset till it shrank to 16 inches. She said she was inspired by cartoon character Jessica Rabbit, well good or bad??? Judge the results yourself.

A slim thin waist!!! Is it really worth it?

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