This institute is trying to find how to unlock the true potential of the brain

You must have always wondered how to unlock the true potential of the brain, as you use our brain for everything. It is the only organ of the body that controls most of the functioning of the body.

It also keeps us alive thanks to its ability to give us correct and rational answers for our queries. But what will happen when we reach a certain age, at which our mental capacity will begin to decline and our ability to think clearly might diminish?

The only way to stop that scenario from happening is to start strengthening your brain from this moment and trying to tap its full potential. Read more to know how an institute in America is doing exactly what needs to be done to save our brain capacity from declining in advanced age and to unlock its true potential.

1 Decline of brain functions

The brain is one part of our body that is abused, neglected and perhaps the most poorly understood in our entire body. While sustaining traumatic injuries to our brain via sports concussions and diseases like Alzheimer’s, many of us have increasingly failed to guard our brain from the possibly reversible decline.

The No. 1 cause for a decline in the mental abilities is not diseases like Alzheimer’s or the millions of traumatic brain injuries reported each year either in sports or road accidents. The leading cause for people’s declining cognitive ability is that healthy people are not using their brain to its full potential.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways using which people can take care of their brain and maintain life-long cognitive ability in the absence of a disease or injury.

Decline of brain functions

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