This waitress paid for 2 firemen’s meal and what they did in return is shocking

It is said that kindness always pays. If you do something kind for someone else, the kindness shown by you without any motive will come back to you in one form or the other.

Life is made up of such small kind gestures and it’s what makes the life bearable and beautiful. Helping others not only is a kind gesture, but it also brings an immense sense of self satisfaction. The magnitude of kindness is not important, but the intent to help is what matters. Even helping an old person cross the road is one big example of kindness and it doesn’t need to be an extravagant gesture or showing off to the world.

Help someone in need or just for the sake of it and the universe will pay you back in double. Here is a story of such act of random kindness and which came back and helped the person in a way she did not expect in any sort.

1 The heroes of the story

The heroes of this incident are the brave fire-fighters from New Jersey Tim Young and Paul Fillings. These fire-fighters are the type of guys who keep risking their lives to save others and do not want anything in return.

Paul and Tim had just entered this diner at 6 am after trying to put out a big fire for 12 straight hours. All they requested was the strongest cup of coffee the diner’s barista could manage to make. They took their coffee and seated themselves.

When they finished their drinks and went to pay for the coffee they were surprised.

The heroes of the story

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