Tom Daley, Dustin Lance Black Share Scan Photo Of Their Baby On Valentine’s Day

9They always wanted to live together

Tom had earlier said that he wanted to share the house with Dustin just after one week of their romance. “After the first week we’d been together, I just knew. And ever since then it’s just felt like a waste of time not being married to Lance,” the Olympian told.

They always wanted to live together

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10 Tom was earlier not sure about marriage

Tom was asked whether he had seen himself marrying so early in life. He responded, “Not at all. If you’d have told me five years ago I’d have been, ‘Pff, yeah, sure.’ But it just felt right. Within the first month we’d talked about it.”

Tom was earlier not sure about marriage

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11 Before settling in London, they were having a long-distance relationship

Before moving to London, Tom was having a long-distance relationship with Dustin. Tom admitted that the long-distance relationship was far from perfect. The couple was worried about their long-distance relationship as Blake was based in Los Angeles.

Before settling in London

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12 They had to move together in a house

“Our relationship is far from perfect. We have really tough times and struggles. For example we went long distance for a very, very, long time: he was in LA, I was living in London. We would spend sometimes five weeks apart. And it’s something that was really, really tough and we’ve had to make massive and dramatic changes in our lives in order to be able to live together and see each other all the time. So it’s not all plain sailing,” Tom told.

They had to move together in a house

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