10 Toxic foods produced in China that can cause infection, disease and even cancer

Industrialization in China isn’t restricted to china alone. The countries ambitions have led to Chinese products spreading far and wide all over the world. Almost every second product has a ‘made in China tag on it from food stuffs to religious items, clothing and technology.

However despite of the claims in Chinese maintaining high standards of quality, its food industry of late has taken a beating on observing poor lack of hygiene and contaminated products. It seems the methodology of cheap means of production has also infiltrated into their food processing sector which is the main reason behind the declining standards. Here are 10 such toxic foods produced in china.

1 Tilapia Fish

This is a common fish product farmed mostly in China. What manufacturers won’t tell you is that farm bred tilapia under unhygienic conditions is bad for health. While such fish are originally fresh water fish, they are usually farm bred in aquaculture tanks in south East Asia and china. Being bottom feeders, tilapia will eat even contaminants thrown in a farm bred pond. In order to keep off disease, the fish are fed regularly with antibiotics introduced in their feeding.

Tilapia Fish

Image Source: www.beforeitsnews.com

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