10 Amazing true stories of feral children in world who were raised by animals in the wild

The cases of feral children are extremely interesting as to how small children were abandoned in forests and jungles and managed to survive in those conditions amongst wild animals, with some animals adopted them. One such story inspired Rudyard Kipling to write the now famous book “Jungle Book”. We bring to you 10 most famous cases of feral children.

1 Lobo Wolf Girl – 1845-1852, Devil’s River

A couple by the name of John and Mollie were on the run from the law, as John had murdered his fellow trapper and were passing through Texas. Mollie was pregnant and in May 1835, on a very rainy night, Mollie went into labor and both reached a cabin. John decided to go alone to get help and left Mollie in the cabin. But a lightning strike killed John and his horse, but he had asked some goat herders for help and when they reached the cabin, they found no baby and Mollie alone and dead.

However, a decade later in 1845, a boy saw a girl running with wolves in pursuit of a hunt. She was again spotted attacking and killing some goats and her last sighting was in 1852, when she was spotted suckling on two wolf cubs. Many say she was daughter of Mollie and John and was never seen again.

Lobo Wolf Girl – 1845-1852, Devil’s River

Image Source: www.featureshoot.com

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