An Incredible Underground Survival Shelter that Lasts 200 Years and Has All the Features of a Luxury Home

With endless reports of impending war and the nuclear capabilities of every country, bomb scares have got the better of quite a number of people around the globe. In the event of war and bombing raids, how well equipped is your home to withstand a nuclear onslaught. Keeping in mind such concepts, several construction and architectural companies have come up with the most innovative of structures serving as bomb shelters and survival shelters. However none are as unique as this amazing corrugated underground survival shelter made by Atlas survival shelters a company that has been making bomb shelters and underground homes for over 50 years.

1 Introducing the latest corrugated underground home and bomb shelter

The latest Atlas underground home is a huge corrugated cylindrical pipe shaped structure which may look like an ordinary pipe externally but inside it features the fascinating amenities of a fantastic home complete with entertainment center, lounge, and bedroom and kitchen. Take a look.

Underground home and bomb shelte

Underground home and bomb shelte

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