Use these simple steps to unshrink your clothes using baby shampoo

It happens with many of us: a sweater, a cotton tank top, or a pair of your favorite jeans get a little bit tighter or smaller than the normal size. There are several reasons behind shrinking of clothes: the fabric of the cloth is not good; you did not use the right washing technique; or you left the clothes in the dryer for a long time.

Technically, you can never unshrink the clothes once they shrank. However, you can relax the fibers and stretch them back into its original shape.

There are several ways to get back your shrunken clothes to its original size. For clothes made of cotton and wool, you can use baby shampoo to get them back to their actual shape.

Continue reading to understand the process step by step.

1 Fill your sink with water

Fill your laundry sink with a minimum of 1 liter of lukewarm water. In place of lukewarm water, you can also use room temperature water. The baby shampoo technique is better for cotton and wool than for silk, polyester, or rayon.

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