10 Weird and Funny Pictures so wacky they’ll make you feel uncomfortable


Have you ever come across weird pictures that make you feel like “Eww is that right?? There are several images on the net that may make you go “OMG’ But these here definitely do take the cake for being wacky pictures posted by various users. Although not disgusting to the point of making you puke, this compilation of weird and funny pictures that might just make you feel uncomfortable and odd. But, go ahead because they are definitely worth a watch.

1 The meanie giant Toad or is that a frog

This looks like one big Bufo the toad and if that’s a rodent in its mouth, then you could well imagine the size of this little monster. Who would have thought Frogs are carnivores and even big enough to eat a rat.

The meanie giant Toad

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2 Prescription drugs at a yard sale, seriously?

Now who would want to sell prescription drugs at a yard sale? It would certainly take someone very goofy to think that people will actually buy expired or used drugs.

Prescription drugs

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3 Would you take your kids to eat here?

With a hideous sign like this who in their right mind would think of taking their kids to eat out here. It seems more like a hideous clown belonging in a horror film.

hideous sign

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4 Creepy tower in Prague

Now which architect would design something like this? It gives one the feeling of belong in futuristic Salvador Dali dream because of its abstract overtones. This totally weird structure may even have people living here and imagine having to see this everyday

Creepy tower in Prague

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5 Black toilet roll

Imagine being faced with a roll of black toilet paper when answering the call of nature. It would be either creepy for some or awesome to all those who want to go gothic all the way

Black toilet roll

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6 Froggyland souvenirs

Who in the right mind would want to get a souvenir of a stuffed frog in a human position? That’s outright insane and the poster itself will make anyone feel abit weird if not uncomfortable.

Froggyland souvenirs

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7 A triangle elevator

As weird and funny pictures go, this is definitely going to make you feel as if you’re stepping in to one of your abstract dreams. Would you contemplate taking a ride in this because the picture alone makes one feel extremely claustrophobic and frightening too.

A triangle elevator

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8 The wackiest photograph

Is this messing with your mind right now watching it? Is her eyes straight or are they crooked. Does watching this make you feel a bit warped in your own mind or is it just the pic and its wacky structure that makes it so unbelievable?

The wackiest photograph

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9 Window cleaner on multi storey tower

Now be honest and admit, doesn’t this give you a feeling of vertigo? How can this guy remain so cool while cleaning a window at such a height? While this really makes your mind go wild, this window cleaner truly deserves respect for his high risk job.

Window cleaner on multi storey tower

Image Source:

10 IKEA underwear

Now this takes the cake. Gents underwear with a metallic ringed hole in the center, seriously?? What or how in the world should anyone comment on such an absurdity without making some …..Remark or so. The person who designed this has a real wacky imagination and this definitely wins the prize for weird and funny pictures.

IKEA underwear

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