10 Weird and Funny Pictures so wacky they’ll make you feel uncomfortable

Have you ever come across weird pictures that make you feel like “Eww is that right?? There are several images on the net that may make you go “OMG’ But these here definitely do take the cake for being wacky pictures posted by various users. Although not disgusting to the point of making you puke, this compilation of weird and funny pictures that might just make you feel uncomfortable and odd. But, go ahead because they are definitely worth a watch.

1 The meanie giant Toad or is that a frog

This looks like one big Bufo the toad and if that’s a rodent in its mouth, then you could well imagine the size of this little monster. Who would have thought Frogs are carnivores and even big enough to eat a rat.

The meanie giant Toad

Image Source: www.fishki.net

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