Will Smith won’t know what to feel when Jaden undergoes surgery on his 18th Birthday to remove his…

With no disrespect to the gay community and you have to see the lighter side here, what happens when you’re a celebrity dad and your son reveals his new se*ual orientation. Well, as everyone knows by now Will Smith may have been shocked or amused or just plain cool with Jaden Smith and his going public with the fact that he’s gay.

Well what of it if he’s gay it’s his choice, but now there may be something more to it than Will Smith may have bargained for? He might just become the father of a daughter and obviously the big question is how Will Smith feels about the whole thing. Willy doesn’t know what to feel when he found his son wants to remove his…. (figure it out). This might well be the situation in the Smith household.

1 Jaden Soon To Be Jade

“Just another step toward blurring the gender lines. Without a pen*s I’m neither male nor female. I’m a human being.”

Come his 18th Birthday and Jaden is going to go chop chop on his wee wee not that it matters to him anymore. In fact he also tweeted to fans that he would enshrine it in gold and keep it in his trophy room.

Jaden Soon To Be Jade

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