Woman Divorced Paralyzed Husband, To Marry His Best Friend So They Can Take Care of Him Together

An extremely weird story albeit a bit heartwarming when you get the details, occurred in China. But first, what would you say to your best friend marrying your wife if you were bed ridden and couldn’t do anything for yourself. Would you be able to look at your wife sharing those moments with your friend right in front of you? Would that make a man a cuckold?? Or a woman for that matter would any woman bear up seeing her husband with another in the same house?? Well, this family in China has done just that without no qualms or issues whatsoever.

1 A strange love triangle

The strange incident was reported in the news in 2016 where a woman in China divorced her paralyzed husband (paralyzed waist down) and married his friend. But!! She didn’t exactly leave home but continued to live in the same house so that she and her new husband could take care of her ex. The love triangle is a weird one where the entire family and children from both men live as a family in the same home.

strange love triangle

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2 He was injured in an accident

Xie Xiping from Angkang China has been looking after her husband Xu Xihan ever since a mining accident in 2002 robbed him of movement in his legs paralyzing him waist down. Xie was finding it extremely difficult so she did the next best thing.

He was injured in an accident

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3 Wife remarries paralyzed husbands friend

Interpreting their own version of “In sickness or in health”, Xieping divorced Xu and married his best friend Liu Zhong Kui. The newlyweds then lived in the same house with their kids and even take care of Xu who seems okay with the arrangement. What can he do anyways? Perhaps if taken from another perspective, the couple never really had any option and this may have been quite a smart decision because they were somehow together yet a breadwinner was needed for the family.

Wife remarries paralyzed husbands friend

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

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