The world’s longest living people live upto a 100 and this is their secret

Diseases like cancer are in most cases the result of negative and sedentary lifestyles that invite cancer causing agents to grow within the body as tumors. Diet and stress are also major contributors to such factors of illness. However, there is one race on earth to which cancer is a stranger and that’s the Hunza tribe in North Pakistan.

The Hunza may be a small population but the most significant aspect of this tribe is their happy lifestyle which makes them the healthiest and world’s longest living people.

1 Cancer is a stranger to this tribe

The Hunza tribes in Northern Pakistan have never known cancer. As a small population, they have perennially been healthy. Even the women have known to conceive at the age of 65 and never look their age. The average life span of a Hunza is a hundred years old. These people are so healthy and disciplined that they bathe in cold water throughout the year even in winter.

According to Doctor Robert McCarrrison of the AMA journal, none of the members of this tribe have ever suffered from cancer. So what exactly is the secret to this tribe’s health, happiness and longevity?

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