You should always carry a needle in your pocket and this is the reason why

Did you ever think that a needle could save your life? Well it certainly can. Till now did you ever contemplate carrying a needle in your pocket? Certainly not but after today, you most certainly will especially if you are past your twenties.

Just a simple but amazing technique can save a person’s life from stroke, even yours and all by using that little needle. So read on to find out how?

1 A basic understanding of stroke

Before learning the technique, you should have a basic understanding of stroke. When a person is having a stroke, oxygen is depleted in the brain, damaged blood capillaries in the brain are not able to transport oxygen thus killing brain cells leading out a shut down which could either be temporary or permanent in which case that’s fatal and the patient dies.

Did you ever wonder why a patient surviving a stroke is paralyzed n some form of the other? That’s because the brain cells corresponding to those functions have faced the most damage and thus a patient may be paralyzed on the left or right side. He could lose the use of his hands or legs. A stroke can paralyze you in several ways.

A basic understanding of stroke

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