You will be shocked at what happened when this woman went to salon for a hair routine. She nearly dodged death!


Be careful of taking beauty regimens too seriously. A latest incident has left the world jarred at how something as common as a hair wash in a salon can lead to the most unthinkable and worst consequences. Take the case of Elizabeth Smith, who was just out on a normal salon trip. The woman went to salon for a regular hair routine at Blowbunny Salon in San Francisco. She ended up in the hospital’s ER instead, thanks to something odd that triggered a stroke! Is that even believable? Read on.

1 The Weekend Salon Trip Could Turn Nightmarish

We always believe that salon trips are relaxing. Everyone knows this little secret that a woman must have spent some time at a salon over the weekend, when she looks fresher and all new on Monday! However, while you might be in for a new haircut or a hair color, you need to know that the smallest of this could lead to the biggest of dangers. As of now, we barely ever thought that we could fall sick in the salon due to a hair wash. Smith went to the salon ordinarily but did not know that those deep sinks used for hair washing could be a death hole.

The Weekend Salon Trip Could Turn Nightmarish

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2 The Consequences Of A Hair Wash

After Smith was taken to the emergency room and a CT scan was performed, it was revealed that a neck artery saw damage—thus leading to a stroke! According to what the hospital doctors quipped, she had the stroke because she was cranking her neck up to get the hair washed in the salon sink. While you might be one of those women who just got back from the salon and we know you might be having a hard time in believing this. However, doctors say that this issue is not as rare as it is thought to be.

The Consequences Of A Hair Wash

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3 Is This That Common?

Even hair salon owners call it the Beauty Parlor Stroke. The fact to note here is that the recliner salon chairs that bend backwards to allow the sitter lower the head for a sink wash could be a culprit. Often, the angle of the leg and the distance of the feet from the floor are not technically right. This often causes discomfort on the spine and your back. However, in an extreme case, this could cause arterial damage leading to stroke!

Is This That Common?

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4 What Actually Happened To Smith?

This woman went to salon without the least doubt that it could turn fatal. After a long recovery period that spanned 8 months, Smith is now rehabilitated. The pain of the incident has caused her immense trauma and she has also launched a video sharing her experience. Social media is abuzz with thoughts on the same.

5 A Word Of Caution

It is completely okay if you choose to wash your hair at a salon and in case you just cannot avoid it, make sure the chair is prepped at the right angle and your feet are comfortably rested on the ground!

A Word Of Caution

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