You won’t believe what this guy did to look like his best pet parrot

How far would you go for your pets? Well, we all try our best to keep them healthy, take care of them and feed them. But what happens when love for a pet turns into obsession.

A man from Bristol, England has a deadly combination, an obsession towards his pet parrots and addiction to extreme body art. The combination of addiction and obsession already has led him to have several tattoos on his whole body including the face.

Now he has had something cut off from his body to resemble more like his best pet parrot and now its upto you to read and decide whether it is correct or has this guy crossed a line?

1 Who is Ted Richards?

Ted Richards is a resident of Hartcliffe, Bristol, England. He is 56 years old and is into extreme body modifications.

As seen in the image below he has had several body modifications in order to look more like his pet parrots. He has tattooed his entire face and has even split his tongue. He has a total of 110 tattoos and 50 piercings,all this to look like his parrots Ellie, Teaka, Timneh, Jake and Bubi.

Who is Ted Richards?

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