Your palm is a mini control panel for your body! Regulate bodily functions and emotions with these pressure points on palm!

I recall a famous quote that goes something like this – ‘You have the ability to change the world in the palm of your very hand’. Within the very same palm of your hand, you also possess the ability to regulate the health of your entire body. By applying to certain pressure points on palm, you can effectively heal various parts of your body. Find out more below.

1 What is ‘Gene son Jitsu’?

So you’ve heard of acupressure. You’ve also heard of acupuncture. What about gene son jitsu? It’s an ancient Japanese healing technique, somewhere along the lines of acupressure/puncture. In this technique, pressure is applied to different pressure points on palm, and each point is associated with a different part of the body and also an emotion.

In order to see results, press a finger from the other hand on the pressure point on your palm for around 3-5 minutes, while constantly breathing deeply and you will feel some difference for sure.

What is ‘Gene son Jitsu’?

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