This Englishman thinks he is a Vampire and sleeps in a Coffin

The latest movie glorifying the count Dracula was Dracula Untold and we all seem to have viewed the Vampire story differently, But perhaps what got vampires a huge fan following were the twilight movies that gave a romantic twist to the young hip and cool vampire couple of Bella and Edward Cullen. For all the teenagers in the world, the Vampire just became a heart throb.

But now comes the big question, do Vampires exists in this life or not? Whether the story of vampires is true or not, One man seems to think differently taking the Vampire theme as far as thinking that he too is a vampire. That’s right; this Englishman thinks he is a vampire.

1 This Vampire drinks pig’s blood

Well if he really is a Vampire then shouldn’t he be drinking blood?? It’s common Knowledge how Vampires love their pint of RBC, well Darkness Vlad Tepes as he calls himself actually drinks pig and cows blood to survive,UGGH!!

The self proclaimed prince of darkness who is 25 years old according to earth time lives in the forests of Blackburn England. He also claims to have been living as a vampire for the last 13 years.

Vampire drinks pig’s blood

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