Russian researchers kept 5 people awake for 30 days. The results were spine chilling

An experiment to find out the effects of sleep deprivation was carried out by Russian researchers in the late 1940’s. They kept 5 prisoners alive in a locked chamber with a gas based stimulant. As they noted the effects of sleep deprivation on the prisoners at each stage, the results horrified them. Apparently it was found that sleep deprivation is said to cause psychological manifestations in people, rendering them abnormal. So, it becomes important to get enough sleep on a daily basis. Let us study the Russian sleep experiment.

1 The Basic idea behind the experiment

A group of Russian researchers attempted to find out the effects of sleep deprivation on humans. They used a gas stimulant to keep the prisoners awake the entire time, in the locked chamber. They were carefully monitored with closed circuit cameras and microphones. The chamber was stocked with books, cots to sleep without bedding, running water and toilet and enough dried food to last for a month.

Effects of sleep deprivation

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