These 9 weirdest world records will make you go OMG!!

There are each and every kind of world record in existence in this world. Every world record takes lots of effort and preparation to become that world record. But some people are obsessed with getting into the record books and get their own 15 minutes of fame.

Hence you might find some really weird and comical records in the book. Some so strange that it will force you to scratch your head. Not only are these records strange, but people, who could think of making or breaking such records are also really strange.

The foremost authority on such records is the Guinness Book of World records. Since it was first published in 1955, the book has recorded each and every weird and strange record along with some amazing ones. Here are 9 of the weirdest world records ever set and broken.

1 Longest eyelashes on a dog

Dogs are man’s best friends. They are faithful, cute, fluffy and despite the fact that they drool, they are one of the best animal companions that we can get.

An Australian Labra doodle named Ranmaru is probably one of the most famous mutts, since it holds a Guinness World record. He got into the record books in 2014 thanks to his eyelashes. Yes! You heard it right, this doggy has eyelashes 6.69 inches long, which are more than average length for dog’s eyelashes.

Longest eyelashes on a dog

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