10 Celebrities who had an unexpectedly successful 2015

Everybody will recount all the good things that happened to them in 2015. Like normal people, even celebrities had a terrific 2015, despite everyone’s expectations. These 10 celebrities had a brilliant 2015 despite their antics, telling their critics and fans that their career or personal life was going down the drain.

Earlier last year and this year, they might have had setbacks in their lives, which may have affected them in a big way. But in 2015, their life turned around in a big positive way, despite all the obstacles they faced during the year. But luck shined brightly on them as the year went on and here they are thanking their stars for a wonderful 2015.

Here are the 10 celebs, who had a great 2015.

1 Justin Bieber’s comeback

Justin Bieber, the resident sweetheart pop star of the world, who is revered by many teenage girls, had a terrific 2015. Bieber has a tendency to stay in the limelight, often for wrong and controversial things that have nothing to do with music.

But his life turned around with the release of his album Purpose, which sold more than 530,000 copies in the first week itself, his biggest first week sales ever.

Justin Bieber’s comeback

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