10 celebrities with distinctive body parts #5 is so weird

Everyone is born with something different physically. As we can say, each of us is different and unique from each other (maybe except identical twins) due to a trait that is unique to us. They can be birthmarks, beauty marks or some kind of hidden physical characteristics.

Some traits are on display openly, but some like having more than two nipples or missing a toe from birth may be something that can be missed easily as they can by concealed easily by those who have them. Celebrities are also not spared from such traits, though they are more successful than others in hiding them.

Some celebs embrace their traits while other thinking that keeping them hidden is good as nothing of benefit can come from them. Here are 10 such celebrities with unique physical traits.

1 Padma Lakshmi – Scarred arm

Padma Lakshmi is a model, author, TV show host and actress. She was also married to author Salman Rushdie for some time, but is more known for her age defying looks and beauty.

She also has a big scar on her right upper arm. This scar came from a surgery, which was a result of a car accident which crushed her upper arm completely. Lakshmi is not afraid to show the scar and doesnot make any effort to hide it.

Padma Lakshmi – Scarred arm

Image Source: www.therichestimages.com

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