10 celebs that have fake breasts

Competition in Hollywood for the premier top spot is a cutthroat one and actress specially has to be at their toes in order to look perfect and sexy to gain attention. This makes Hollywood one of the centrepieces for actress who gets breast augmentation.

Some celebrities undertake breast improvements because of their apparent inadequacies and uncertainties. Others do so because they don’t want to miss out on the on-going craze. While rest of them do so in order to reinvent themselves and stay important.

We all would like to change something or the other about our bodies; it is just so that when celebrities undergo the knife especially for tinkering with their breasts, the media and fans alike create a lot of hype and attention. So here are 10 most famous celebrities with artificial breasts.

1 Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy is a well-known model who has posed in buff for Playboy many times starting in 1993. She is also famous for her views about anti vaccination. She supports the view that vaccination causes serious disorders like autism.

She has acted in some TV shows and hosted a couple of others, but her most famous asset in Hollywood has been, well, her assets. She is also open about the cosmetic surgeries she has got done on herself and that include breast augmentation.

Jenny McCarthy

Image Source: www.therichestimages.com

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