10 youngest celebrity grandmothers

Whenever somebody speaks about grandmothers, the only image that comes to the mind is that of sweet old ladies that are smiling and caring. While some other grandmas are more active types which are involved in the day to day activities of their grandchildren. They take them to camping, trekking and concerts of their favorite artists. Grandmothers are not always old and frail. Some ladies, who became mothers at a young age, also become grandmothers at a young age. Gone are the days when a celebrity would wait till they were in their 30s or 40s in order to become a mother and start a family. Some celebrities broke this mould and became mothers at a young age and by doing so some of them also became grandmas at young age compared to others. Here are 10 such celebrities.

10 Marie Osmond

Singer Marie Osmond announced that she is going to be a grandmother in 2013, when she was 53 years old. Marie Osmond who is a famous country singer and comes from the famous Osmond family is best known for her cover of the song Paper Roses. She also hosted the show Donny and Marie along with her brother Donny Osmond. She announced the arrival of her grandchild in an appearance on the show The Talk. Many would think the little guy would have the natural talent for singing and show business as its famous grandmother and family.

Marie Osmond

Image Source: ww.therichestimages.com

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