11 Human Problems Music Can Solve- What are they?

Music is indeed a splendid solution to human problems.

It makes one to dance anyhow he wishes, cheers one up when down, and permits one to drown out whenever he needs to. Having mentioned all these, it is good to know that music, sound and song still have their scientific advantages too. The documentary- “Alive Inside” expresses in detail the positive reaction of a dementia patient when given iPods that are loaded with their old type of favourite songs. Music of such does help to revive them to live. When listening to such old-time favourite music, a lot of the documentary’s patients may sing along, have the brief discussion with others, and even provide answers to questions about their life.

“Music imprints itself in the brain deeper than any human experience,” says Oliver Sacks, a neurologist who appears in the movie. “Music evokes emotion, and emotion brings with it…memory.”

The documentary follows present studies revealing that music do improve the memories of dementia patients, as well as helps them to develop new memories.
Below are some other things which music has been known to “solve”:


1. Low Birth Weight:

Babies born prematurely often require an extended stay in hospitals for intensive care so to help them acquire more strength, weight and vigour in a way. To facilitate these types of processes and more, many hospitals result to music. Before now, a team of researchers in Canada discovered that playing music to preemies reduce their level of pains as it encourages better feeding habits, which in turn aides gain in weight. Moreso, hospitals do utilise instruments of music to mimic the sound of a mother’s womb and heartbeat to lull premature babies into sleep. Researchers also claim that playing calm Mozart to premature infants significantly reduce the amount of expended energy, and this makes them acquire more weight.

Really, this even “makes you wonder whether neonatal intensive care units should consider music exposure as standard practice for at-risk infants,” as said by Dr. Nestor Lopez-Duran at child-psych.org.

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