15 celebrities and their old timey doppelgangers

Sometimes we find people who look so similar when we look at their faces that it is hard to believe that these 2 people are not related.

Here are some celebrities with their doppelgangers – is a look-alike or double of a living person. These doppelgangers are mostly people from previous centuries and some are very hard to miss and will orce you to do a double take.

1 Alexander Severus and Eminem

Eminem is a well-known rapper and singer. He has sold more than 172 million albums, making him one of the best-selling artists in the world. His doppelganger is Alexander Severus.

Severus was the Roman Emperor from 222 AD to 235 AD and the last emperor of Severus dynasty, before he was assassinated.

Alexander Severus and Eminem

Image Source: www.mens-den.com

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