There are too many men who are just at a loss when it comes to romance and guess what?

There are too many men who are just at a loss when it comes to romance and guess what? You don’t have to be Don Juan to be romantic. So many men think women interpret romance the way they – men – would and that’s crazy. Hey guys what you’re thinking may just be wrong, so here’s a hint for you: Anything you do that makes her think you are thinking of her should do! Yes, show her you are or were thinking of her. A study by Hertfordshire University discovered that women ranked the little gestures as quite romantic, as it meant their men were thinking of them. Grand gestures liking handing her tickets to the SUPER BOWL or a trip to Paris are great but what make the biggest impact are the small gestures.

Here’s what different women said in an informal survey of those who read my blog. Men take note because these also verify the finding as accurate.


Romantic Couple

  • Jewellery and flowers are nice but the little things like cleaning up after me when I cook, getting up with the boys early so I can steal a few more minutes of sleep, are the really romantic things to me – Jenni Williams.
  • For me, it’s the simple things in life that are romantic. Things like watching him cook me a meal while I sit at the Island or counter, cooking together or getting a simple card from him just to make me know he’s been thinking about me. – Club cushions

  • Calling me in the morning when I don’t expect it just to wish me a good morning and a great day…that really makes me feel all cozy and warm. It really does it for me. – Brandi Hamilton.
  • Spending the night watching movies together, cuddled up with neither of us nor the kids sick will make me perfectly happy. – Nicole
  • My husband takes his time, and puts a lot of thought and care into making me cards and ensuring they look good if not great. Sometimes they are simply add-ons, other time they may be cut-outs; this one may be funny with the next being sentimental, but they are ever romantic and touching – Nancy.
Romantic Kiss

Romantic Kiss

  • I find the little things to be romantic: waking up to already brewed coffee, or unexpected-yet-already packed lunches, dancing in the kitchen in the middle of the day. You know, those little things that say ‘I love you and you are special’ – WeaselMomma

  • It’s the extra thoughtful little gestures that I find romantic. The ones that happen every now and then. The ones that tell you you’re special to him and he’s thinking of you. – Diana Rambles.
  • My husband always makes sure that there’s a tall glass of ice water on the nightstand every single night, just in case I need a drink in the middle of the night when I get up. I really miss this simple but romantic and meaningful gesture when he goes on deployments. – Tanyetta
Romantic Talks

Romantic Talks

  • Though my husband works late almost every night, he ensures that he’s home on Monday night so we can watch 24 (the only TV show I watch) together. It’s our show, our hour off each week and I love it. We enjoy the show together with homemade popcorn. – He &Me+3
  • Romantic is when my husband, knowing I am tired, helps with the dishes or laundry, making it go faster. – Kelli.

  • Watching the sunset while sitting on the beach and holding hands…that’s perfect. – Kat
  • Romance doesn’t have to cost a dime. For me, nothing is more romantic than a small gesture. Offering to cook dinner for me, leaving a love note for me on our bathroom mirror, walking over to kiss me…just because… – Mary Jo
Romatic Fights

Romantic Fights

  • He actually took the day off just to spend my 40th birthday with me. That was AMAZING! That he took the day off meant the world to me. The kids were in school, we went for a run together, we went into the city for lunch and took the dinner he made. It was awesome – Susan.

  • Eye contacts, more eye contacts and lots of it. It’s just too simple to not make it. – Lori
  • It’s awesome to me when my husband uses a peppermint foot lotion to give me a foot massage. – Deborah.
  • A spontaneous picnic…even when it’s on the floor of our living room, holding hands, a card that has wording in it proving he took the time to select a perfect one. Strip UNO. Feeding each other while having dinner at a Moroccan restaurant where you sit on these gigantic pillows eating with your fingers. One night together when the kids aren’t home with us. – Christie – The ChatterBox.

Roamtic Couple

Romantic Wedding Couple

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