9 things, illegal in many countries, but legal in America

9 surprising things banned in many countries but in the US they are absolutely fine

1. Baby Walkers

Baby walkers were banned in Canada in 2004 because the Government believed they could be dangerous for babies in many situations and also delay mental and motor development. Any Canadian citizen caught selling or in possession of a baby walker can be charged with heavy fines  or  months in jail.

2. Bringing ketchup in schools

To preserve the French cuisine flavor, they banned ketchup in school cafeterias in 2011. On the other hand in the US, people cannot even imagine to start their meal without a bottle of ketchup.

3. Mullets

Mullets, also considered decadent men’s western hairstyles by Iranian Ministry of Culture, were banned in 2010. The ban included mullets, ponytails and spikes. The purpose of the ban was to discourage the Iranian youth from following western fashion blindly.

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