Celebrity transformations that seem to have altered how these celebs look

Remember the fairy tales that always had a witch or an evil stepmom who wanted to look the best… even better than the central heroine? Well, the world of fairy tales is finally becoming a part of reality, at least in the realm of this desire of people around the world, in which they just want to look better than what they naturally are. Celebrities are an iconic bunch of people who seem to get attention no matter what they do. From the best dresses to the best make up and even to the most regal of treatment, these celebrities have access to everything. However, there are certain celebrity transformations that we have all been shocked by, more than being, smitten by!

1 John Travolta

Back in his heydays, he was seen as a mighty hero that teen girls fantasized over. John Travolta was a well know Hollywood actor who was known for his brawn than his acting skills. His foot tapping skills were much praised when he rocked the silver skin. However, he makes it to this list of celebrity transformations today thanks to the way he has welcomed Botox into his life. While we are never sure, somehow his facial muscles seem to remain un-flexed—at all times. In addition, he never has a bad hair day. This is one of those celebrity transformations that have shocked us above everything.

John Travolta

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

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